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Do you know how to apply consortium sales techniques to increase your results? Do you know the secret to success to participate in this highly competitive market?

To give you an idea, according to Forbes, a magazine specializing in economics and business, this sector grew 13.5% during the coronavirus pandemic. The data show how the area, even in the midst of the crisis, has potential for expansion.

Now, you need to be attuned to the main sales techniques to be able to take advantage of this growth.

When analyzing your career, how are your results? Have sales been increasing or decreasing? Have you gained more customers over time or lost contacts? Did you manage to retain the people you already serve? Do you have high or low sales performance ?

It is always possible to improve the average ticket and both your earnings and the company for which you collaborate. So learn now 7 syndicate sales techniques to increase your results and sell more and better. 

What are consortium sales techniques

Sales techniques are specific methods to improve all business processes. In all, there are eight stages of the sale and, certainly, in each one you can increase your performance:

  • Planning;
  • Prospection;
  • Approach;
  • Needs assessment;
  • Presentation of the proposal;
  • Negotiation;
  • Closure;
  • After sales.

Also, did you know that if you improve each of these processes by just 20%, you can sell 5 times more?

Curious to learn all the techniques of consortium sales to be a successful seller? See the 7 tips we have separated for you.

1 – Understand who the PCI is

Ideal Customer Profile, that’s what PCI stands for . This is not a selling technique of the more practical steps, such as approaching or negotiating, but it is essential to direct who you will spend time and effort to sell to.

To be a company’s PCI is to be the consumer that best fits as the perfect customer. He understands the need for what he buys and sees value, in addition to having the necessary conditions to make the purchase.

When the concern about working with PCI starts in the first stages of the sale, all the following processes become simpler . After all, offering a solution (product or service) to inappropriate buyers will increase objections and certainly less likely to close the sale.

What is sold must make sense to the customer and the negotiation must make sense to the company.


2 – Prospect increasingly qualified contacts

With PCI well defined, you begin to apply consortium sales techniques.

When prospecting, discard anyone who is not an ideal customer and direct all your efforts to qualify these contacts as much as possible. But what does this mean?

For example, if the consortium that sells is automotive, it certainly doesn’t make sense to contact and send e-mails or calls to people under 18, after all, they still can’t drive and probably don’t have the purchasing power to this purchase.

In other words, always look for ideal contacts and be very discerning.

3 – Anticipate objections

It’s natural for a customer to object and resist a purchase, but your job as a salesperson is to drop them. In other words, you need to understand what the customer is putting as an obstacle to the acquisition of what you sell and against arguing.

The idea is not to debate, but to make the consumer see that, many times, the objection presented is just something imposed by himself, it is just an excuse.

It is common for a person’s first objections to be false, and your role is to eliminate them until you get to the real one. A good technique used to exterminate the possibilities is to use the question: “do you have any more questions?”. At this point, you are certainly closer to finalizing the sale.

Now, the anticipation technique is planning and using the PCI definition for this. In other words, study the objections based on what you already know about the customer profile you serve. Analyze how to take down the most common ones and, always before taking a new approach, prepare for the conversation.

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4 – Improve the commercial approach

The approach is one of the sales techniques for consortiums that yield the most results. That’s because when you manage to behave better when talking to a potential client, your speech becomes more confident and accurate, which converts more people.

Conversion into sales is when a potential consumer moves from one stage of the sale to another, that is, when he advances through the commercial process and gets closer and closer to closing.

So, you need to take a spectacular approach. It needs to get the customer’s attention and interest in what you’re offering. To accomplish this, remember that your goal is not just to sell, but to be an expert consultant who is able to understand each other’s needs, as well as objections and difficulties.

A great tip is to study consultative selling techniques . Some practices that contribute to this exercise are:

  • Be receptive in approach, smile and be willing to help;
  • Give the customer space and respect their time to analyze and decide on the acquisition;
  • Always call him by his name as this helps to strengthen the relationship.

5 – Practice active listening

Anyone looking for a consortium may already be clear in their minds that this is a good way to invest their money. However, you can also find people who are PCI’s, but who still don’t understand how this asset acquisition program works. So, practice active listening.

This is a technique linked to the approach and all the other steps of the sale . When the customer speaks, give him your full attention, be interested in the problems he presents. Even if the solution seems obvious to you, it may not be for him.

By actively listening, you can absorb the consumer’s real objections and thus break them down.

6 – Generate value for what you offer

It’s no use trying to close a sale if the product doesn’t add value to the customer. But what does it mean?

Generating value in the product is being able to show all the qualities it has and make the potential consumer understand the differentials of what they are going to buy. But it’s also going beyond that, it’s focusing on what the person gains from this acquisition.

There are some practices that help you add value, they are:

  • Believing in what sells: when the salesperson does not agree or identify with what he offers, does not see the benefits of the product or service, he is less convincing in his sales pitch and, consequently, gives less confidence to the customer;
  • Focus on the differential: when approaching a customer, give preference to talking about the benefits of the product, how it differs from competitors and other options, but without mentioning the competition. The goal is not to focus on characteristics, but on what a person gains;
  • Offer more than is sold: A great way to add value to the product is to offer something that the customer gets when they make the purchase, such as a gift or access to an exclusive service. The purpose is to convey the idea that the consumer will receive something more.

7 – Don’t give discounts!

Certainly discounting is a common practice for many sellers. However, it is something that can only be done strategically and in special cases. 

Even if they are small, they reduce the company’s profit and don’t make you a better seller, because if you need to give discounts on every consortium you trade, it means that something is wrong. 

Instead of decreasing the value of the product or service by selling it, add value. By doing this practice, you can improve your results and reach more people.

The next step to improve consortium sales techniques

These were just a few tips on how to be a successful seller in the consortium industry. Now it is necessary to take the next steps: continue studying and applying consortium sales techniques. 

By keeping up to date, you can keep up with the evolution of the market and stand out in your role. There are many other tools and procedural methods to sell more and better, but they all boil down to continuous improvement.

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