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In addition to donating part of the money, the website Earn de Volta offers users the option of allocating cashback to institutions that are daily fighting the pandemic

Sales sites have already felt the impacts caused by the new coronavirus. According to ABComm (Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce) in the last weeks of quarantine, online stores registered an increase of more than 180% in transactions in the Food and Beverage and Beauty and Health categories. In order to comply with social isolation guidelines, e-commerce accesses   reached sales peaks, just like those registered in times of  black friday , situations in which in just one day sales figures forecast for a period of thirty days are reached.

The significant change in consumer behavior is seen on the streets, where establishments such as supermarkets and pharmacies register very little movement. State and/or municipal decrees that determine the closure of street  storefronts ,  shopping malls and shopping centers made the population avoid shopping in physical stores, but this does not mean that consumption has decreased, it just migrated to retail virtual. Therefore, in online accesses  , the numbers grow more and more. And even when it comes to cashback sites  , where the consumer is able to receive back part of the money paid for the purchase, accesses have been increasing, according to Yuri Penido, CEO of the cashback site  Earn Back:

“We had a significant increase in the number of customers and accesses to the website. And despite having grown, we realized that customer behavior has changed a lot. We see a shift in shopping choices from superfluous items or desires to more essential items. And in just one day, we had more than a thousand new entries on the platform”

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 Solidarity cashback against the new coronavirus

The moment of solidarity in combating Covid-19 and supporting institutions that are daily fighting against the pandemic motivated the team at the cashback site  Gan  de Volta. The site launches the “ Cashback  Solidarity” Campaign and offers the user the option to allocate part or all  cashback  from virtual purchases to civil society entities that are collecting donations to help fight the new coronavirus:

“We increased cashback in stores that meet the needs of Brazilians more at this time. In some sectors we have taken our profit margin and increased our cashbacks, which can reach up to 4.5% for essential stores, such as pharmacies and supermarkets. Solidarity cashback was a way for us, at “Venna de Volta” to be able to help those who most need our attention right now, for this cause that we are all fighting together.”

Sulamytha Brum is an administrative assistant and an Internet user active in digital retail. She uses cashback sites   for online purchases   and comments that the action has further stimulated the search for sites like this:

“It’s really cool to see sites like this that encourage the positive side that can exist inside a human being. It goes far beyond money, it is being supportive. Even more for us consumers in social isolation, at home, combining business with pleasure in a practical way for this donation.”

Raysa Monte is a civil engineer and in times of social isolation is working at  home office . She also supports this type of initiative:

“Any social engagement for the cause of humanitarian aid is always welcome. And when it’s aligned with tools that help us directly in our daily lives, it becomes something even better”

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Access the  cashback  solidarity of the Earn Back website

Security in e-commerce

And it is always worth remembering to be careful with security in e-commerce. The precautions are still valid: when buying online, check if it is a safe site, search about the company on social networks and look for store complaints on websites in the segment.

Even with several ways to confirm the veracity of a website, many people still do not feel comfortable with online purchases   due to the security of personal and financial data. Therefore, Yuri Penido, CEO of Gan de Volta, indicates that it is necessary to confirm the URL of the platform to which the customer will be redirected through the cashback systems  :

“It is necessary to verify that the purchase is being made on the official website of the store, always verify the URL and never put personal data and credit cards on suspicious websites. The best way to be sure is to search for the store on the Earn Back and activate the cashback, as we only place trustworthy and secure stores on our website”, guarantees the CEO.

How cashback works

The system used in  cashback  is possible due to the commission that stores pay for each purchase that is redirected by the website that uses this means of sale. The amount is shared with the customer in exchange for loyalty to the platform, the store receives it with the purchase made and the consumer himself receives discounts and money back. That’s what Yuri Penido explains:

“The mechanics of cashback are very simple: stores pay to advertise on our website and we share that amount with our customers. Many sites earn these commissions and don’t pass them on to the buyer, we think it’s fair for both of them to win, that way, there will always be this partnership, generating a sustainable cycle of economy”, comments Yuri Penido.

Thousands of websites from different segments are registered on cashback platforms  . On the Earn de Volta website , for example, there are more than 2,100 partner stores and the difference is that the system itself automatically covers the return value of competitors and also adds a 20% bonus on the money that returns to the buyer.

Uncertainties about the future and alternative to saving

The pandemic we are experiencing creates uncertainties about the future. Thinking about saving, but at the same time knowing that essential items need to be purchased, consumers are noticing advantages in sites that offer  cashback.  The insecurity caused by the economic moment has also led Internet users more focused on long-term strategic financial planning to access cashback sites more frequently in   order to save for future times, in case of need. As Raysa Monte, civil engineer, comments:

“Sites that offer cashback are a very valuable tool in the relationship of economy and domestic organization, as we cannot escape essential consumption, but we can benefit very advantageously if there is planning and organization so that our monthly consumptions can be carried out using a cashback website. Having a portion of the amount spent on basic items that we will have to purchase anyway, represents a significant and easy savings to be made”

Sulamytha Brum, administrative assistant, comments that this type of platform is practical and whenever it uses it, it earns the expected return:

“I always opt for sites that have some partnership with cashback, because in addition to purchasing the product, it is possible to have a very significant return. And I always get everything right. I never had any problems”

Remembering that during the pandemic, stores are accessible for consumers to buy virtually all items as usual in physical stores. Several companies sell and deliver to homes everything needed for daily life, from supermarket purchases to clothing and automotive products.

The cashback site Gan de Volta was founded in 2015. It has 2 offices – in Campinas/SP and Miami. It has the largest collection of stores in Brazil, with more than 2,100 registered national and international stores. Average of 350 thousand accesses per month and more than 220 thousand active customers.

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