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First of all, to be able to increase lead capture, it is necessary to understand the meaning of this word.

In short, lead is the term used to name potential customers for the company. They represent people who have already shown an interest in what you sell in some way. It is important not to confuse the expressions “visitors”.

Visitors are people who have accessed your site, in addition to contemplating customers, may include students, employees, people looking for a job or even someone looking for some specific information.

The lead concept grew with marketing, which seeks to qualify potential consumers to work them in the sales funnel . This mechanism aims to show the progress of a potential customer in the commercial process until reaching the last step, the closing step .

In all, there are four steps:

  • Learning and discovery;
  • Problem recognition;
  • Solution consideration;
  • Buying decision.

When evolving from one phase to another, the lead is certainly getting closer and closer to converting to a customer.

Why do lead capture?

To gain new customers ! That’s the simplest answer to this question.

If a company’s customer base is not constantly oxygenated, the business will face difficulties to grow, increase revenue and its presence in the market. 

Therefore, capturing leads is an essential process for the sales department, to keep it active and working with potential customers who have already been qualified.

This process also optimizes expenses, as salespeople will spend more energy with warmer contacts, that is, those that match the customer profile that the company is looking for.

How to increase the number of leads

It is necessary to work on the company’s sales techniques and advertising strategies.

The lead mainly comes from the work done by the marketing team , which uses smart and specific tools to reach them.

There are several processes and paths, but here we will bring you 4 tips to make a correct lead capture that makes sense to your business goals.

4 Strategies to Increase Lead Capture

The main ways you can increase your search for more leads are:

  • Create an inbound marketing structure;
  • Deliver content that adds value to the customer;
  • Make campaigns that make sense to the persona;
  • Use lead capture tools.

Create an inbound marketing structure

One of the most important ways to capture leads is inbound marketing.

In literal translation, this term means inbound marketing. In other words, it is an option for a contact or visitor to be attracted and become a potential customer.

Inbound aims to provide relevant and rich content to people in order to make them know the brand and become leads. So, get their contact.

The idea in this strategy is to solve a persona problem.

Persona is a term used a lot in marketing. It allows the creation of more targeted strategies, as it maps out in detail who your customer is, what their habits, challenges, dreams and much more are.

In other words, persona is a fictional representation of who the ideal consumer is. The data is based on the best customers the company has and who it wants to reach.

For example: Bruno, a single man, 24 years old, university student who likes to travel and go to clubs and parties. Your main difficulty is not having the financial resources to do everything you want.

Currently, Bruno actively uses social media, but mainly TikTok and Instagram. She is in a transitional phase in her life and is trying to save money to go on an exchange program and become more financially independent.

In sales, it is more common to use the term “Ideal Customer Profile” (ICP), which refers to the type of consumer who is more successful in acquiring the solution that your business offers. He trusts the company, likes the product or service, and even recommends it to others. However, it is less detailed.

Deliver content that adds value to the customer

Rich and value-added content is part of the inbound process , but it’s not just about it. It is necessary to correctly route these materials.

Is your audience a regular reader? On the internet, where does it consume more content? Which formats do you like the most? By answering these questions, it’s easier to understand what will add value to potential customers.

If the persona has reading habits, prefer longer and more detailed e-books. Otherwise, prefer shorter texts. 

These materials need to give something that catches the customer’s attention, as it is through this exchange that you will get someone’s contact.

E-books are more specific and timely content, but you can also offer other materials, such as blog posts and social media, events, lectures, webinars, checklists, classes and much more.

This direct contact with the public helps to increase the brand’s value proposition, as the customer can begin to identify with the company’s culture.

Now, it is very important to know how to offer all these materials, so pay attention to the next tip.

Make campaigns that make sense to the persona

It’s no use creating texts, e-books, art, incredible materials, if there is no good dissemination strategy. 

When offering inbound content, you need to target them to the right person.

Thinking about Bruno’s example, which we presented above, what would be the most strategic channels to reach him? The capture of leads increases when you understand this, when you can be present in places where the consumer is looking for information or content that interests them.

So, in that case, it would be possible to offer rich material to Instagram campaigns and develop blog posts about particular financial management, lifestyle, travel and exchange. And, in these contents, offer opportunities for Bruno, or another visitor, to enter their data and join your sales or relationship funnel.

How to capture leads through Facebook

First, to be able to do a good lead capture on Facebook, it is necessary to know that there are two ways: organic and paid. 

The organic process consists of offering rich and relevant content without paying for these publications to appear. This happens with the posting of posts in the feed or timeline of social networks, for example.

Now, to boost Facebook’s lead capture, you can invest financially in the platform. And for that there are two ways:

  • Boost a publication;
  • Create a paid ad.

However, it is important to emphasize that there are distinctions between these two possibilities. Boosting serves to increase the reach of a publication, that is, to bring content to more people. But, it is not done as strategically as in the second option.

In paid ads, you have more alternatives: you can define the characteristics of who you want to reach and measure the results.

Overall boost is used for reach while ads are used for different purposes, including selling, as it is possible to target the post specifically to the persona.

To perform these actions it is necessary to have knowledge to use Facebook Manager, the platform’s ad settings tool. A person with no experience in the field may end up blocking the account or end up spending money without getting the expected results.

How to capture leads through WhatsApp

WhatsApp belongs to the same group as Facebook and Instagram, so it is possible to integrate these tools into paid actions. There’s no way to advertise directly on WhatsApp, but by using Facebook’s Ad Manager, you can cross-check a person’s information across all these networks.

When outlining a strategy, think about offering the opportunity for potential customers to contact you through WhatsApp, such as:

On social networks you can create rich content that catches the customer’s attention. From there, you can put the call to action “do you want access to an e-book on this subject?”, or “do you want access to X material? Click on our WhatsApp link and send ‘I want’.

You can even offer exclusive benefits for leads that call you through the app, such as gifts and coupons.

When the prospect sends the message, you’ll already have their contact, which means you’ve got one more lead for your base.

Use lead capture tools

To facilitate the capture of leads, it is possible to use tools developed to manage and attract potential customers, such as:

Landing Pages

Translated as “landing pages”, landing pages are specific spaces for capturing a lead. They can bring together techniques such as mental triggers (mechanisms to trigger the reader’s action), images and videos.

They also contain information about the product or service offered, the benefits and advantages of acquiring it.

It is essential to have a field to collect customer data, a form. But, it’s important to ask for the right information and balance the number of fields. If it requires a large amount of data, it is possible that the visitor gives up on the process.

To know what to order, assess how qualified that lead is. If it is content aimed at a person who is getting to know the brand now, ask for little, just the essentials for you to work on it, such as name, title and email, if your company is B2B (Business to Business), by example.

Now, if the lead already knows the brand, what is sold and the content offered, you can request more data to qualify it even more and be able to work with it in other ways, such as WhatsApp.

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