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Usually, B2B ( business to business ) sales , or business to business, are more complex sales than those made directly to the consumer, as they require more time in prospecting and generally involve higher amounts.

Precisely for this reason, managers’ decision-making tends to be more judicious, which makes the sales cycle longer.

However, there are a number of B2B sales techniques that can shorten this process. The main point is to focus on the customer to identify the right moment to prospect and advance in each step of the funnel.

We’ve prepared 10 tips to help you increase B2B sales, ranging from the first contact with the lead to closing . Follow up!

10 Ways to Increase B2B Sales

In B2B sales, the seller needs to position himself as an expert in what he does to gain respect from his market and close a deal.

Through study and a lot of practice, it is possible to acquire a competitive advantage in this modality.

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With that in mind, we’ve separated the 10 surefire ways to increase B2B sales :

1 – B2B Prospecting

Prospecting is critical to any type of sale, but it’s hard to find a salesperson who actually does the right number of prospects to reach your goal.

Even if your company has a marketing team helping to generate demand and qualified leads, B2B prospecting should bet on other resources, such as participation in fairs, meetings and segment events, where you can network with professionals in your field of acting.

Keeping in touch with decision makers is also always positive , you can make referral requests to your current customers and end up getting new prospects.

But, of course, the effectiveness of this whole approach will depend on good rapport .

2 – Study

The study is also a crucial point for any seller, especially B2B, as the target audience is much more specialized.

The B2B approach must be consultative, seeking to resolve the potential customer’s pain, offering the most appropriate solution: your product.

Know your market, research your client and his competitor, understand what the differential can be worked on in each case.

Do you want to know how to have more information about the company, products, market and competition to sell more? IEV offers these and other techniques in the IEV: Sales Specialist course .

3 – Telephone!

Social media is an excellent resource for prospecting, but it still doesn’t replace the power of a call.

Stop hiding behind online communication tools waiting for someone to answer you and get on the phone. But pay special attention to a good approach in your leads .

Use a script to show your prospect how valuable your call is , that you understand your market because you’ve researched it before, and ask them to set up a meeting to present the product in person.

4 – Action Plan

Drawing up an action plan can help at different times, from preparing for a client meeting to being more productive in the tasks, prioritizing what is most important in the sales routine.

Before going to the meeting you set up over the phone, for example, see who the attendees are, what the latest market news is, and set agendas to be presented.

The more prepared you are to make things happen, the shorter your sales cycle, and the greater your chance of success.

5 – Practice

Before practicing a new idea with a potential client, practice at home, test it with someone, a colleague, or even in front of the mirror.

At the time of the approach, you must demonstrate practice and confidence in your speech, as if you’ve already done it several times, even if you haven’t.

No matter how much things make sense to you, what matters is that they make sense to your customers, so practice a lot, especially if you have to explain complex concepts or novelties.

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6 – Questions

During any contact with the prospect, be interested and ask questions. You need to understand the needs and particularities of the business to make a B2B sale .

Ask about the customer, the market, the way he works and write everything down. In the next approach, take into account what has already been learned, this will help to earn the customer’s respect.

7 – Relationship

As the B2B sales cycle is longer, focus on establishing a good relationship with the customer.

Don’t worry so much about speeding up this process, the customer may feel pressured. Instead, invest in more detailed follow-up while you wait for the purchase decision.

The use of CRM tools is the most suitable in this case, as it will provide information about all interactions with the customer. This makes it easier to identify which stage of his funnel is and what his possible objections are

After completing the sale, don’t let your credibility drop. Betting on customer success , or customer success , can guarantee future and recurring sales.

8 – Proposal

In B2B sales, the value proposition is even more important than in other sales. Deliver a clear value proposition to your customer and pay attention to the communication used for this.

If your product is good and you did a good job throughout the entire approach, an attractive and at the same time succinct proposal will come to round off your efforts. Spend special time on its elaboration.

9 – Payment

The form of payment offered can be a competitive advantage in B2B sales. Generally, the generation of payment slips is available for payment in cash and longer terms for companies, with extended contracts.

The use of a credit card involves high fees, which is not always a viable option for all companies, since many of them do not have a corporate credit card, or even cannot limit their purchases.

In the current scenario, fintechs offer the best B2B business opportunities for entrepreneurs, with 100% online solutions for credit analysis and payment in installments for purchases, without the usual bureaucracy and at fairer rates.

10 – Marketing

The marketing actions involved in a B2B strategy must also be differentiated. Disclosure in mass media, TV or radio is not as effective to reach a specialized audience.

It is important to invest in the right media, with strong content, “educating” your customers about the products and services offered . Actions can involve email marketing strategies, for example. Realize that it is not about making the sale itself, but facilitating it.

Another very suitable option for content marketing, especially B2B, is LinkedIn , a highly segmented platform, where you can reach the right audience for your sales.

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool delivers information about potential customers, such as job titles and interests, which can be very useful when prospecting for a business-to-business sale .

How to increase B2B sales

B2B sales cycles are long and require good preparation. If you want to be better able to increase your efficiency in prospecting, check out what the team of top sales specialists in the country can teach you.

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Our sales tools and techniques propose the training of high-level professionals in sales performance.

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