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The commercial market is an inexhaustible source of opportunities. However, understanding how to specialize in sales can be critical to performing well in the industry.

This is because it is, above all, a competitive segment. To give you an idea, in 2016, the direct sales sector alone had more than 4 million sales agents eager for new business.

In the crisis of the new coronavirus, in 2020, the expectation was for a 40% increase in sales approaches , especially via social networks.

Faced with numbers like these, understanding how to specialize in sales can help you find a place in the sun and differentiate yourself, even in such a complex scenario.

Throughout this article, you’ll find out about our 5 tips (and a bonus) for becoming a sales expert:

  1. Understand the commercial sector
  2.  open your mind to always learn
  3. Consume industry-related content
  4. Develop strategic soft skills
  5. Search for the best training on the market

Good reading!

Why should you consider being a sales expert? 

As we talked about in the introduction to this article, understanding how to specialize in sales can help you differentiate salespeople from good salespeople.

This is because, the more knowledge in the area, the greater is the professional’s confidence in their attitudes and the autonomy to make decisions without the constant support of the commercial manager (even in the case of leaders who manage teams from a distance – as happens with external salespeople) .

What differentiates the sales specialist from the salesperson? 

1. More efficient prospecting

First, an expert salesperson is able to optimize their prospects — and that means a lot to organizational business processes .

Assertive prospecting is the first step to a successful conversion. And it all starts with the seller’s job.

It is necessary to know in depth the buyer persona of the business, and, more than that, to know how to identify it in the vast sea of ​​prospects.

We can say, therefore, that a specialized salesperson knows the proper techniques to differentiate potential customers and knows how to use the best approaches to insert them in the company’s sales funnel.

2. More fluid relationship

In a world marked by humanization and customer experience, knowing how to create fruitful relationships from the beginning of sales prospecting can be a great competitive advantage.

And a professional who seeks to understand how to specialize in sales will certainly be able to do this.

Establishing a lasting relationship with the customer should be the salesperson’s goal from the very first approach. A good sales pitch is one designed in a personalized way to meet the prospect’s needs. Likewise, the specialized salesperson is also able to make his sales script fluid and adapted to the rhythm of the conversation he develops with his potential customer.

All of this contributes to a more pleasant customer experience , which consequently leads to sales closing and loyalty.

3. More agile buying journey

Another advantage of knowing how to specialize in sales is the ability to optimize purchase journeys. Buying journey is the name given to the path taken by the customer from the first contact with the company to the after-sales and customer success .

A specialized salesperson is able to make this journey much more assertive. Want to know how? So let’s go to an example of an unsuccessful sales approach.

When the salesperson responsible for the sales approach is not specialized, some scenarios can occur:

  1. The approach is made on a prospect that does not fit the characteristics of the business persona (in this case, the work of the nutrition and conversion sectors becomes much more difficult);
  2. The approach is not clarifying, and the product or service offered does not fit the customer’s needs (in this case, he needs to go back to looking, on his own, for the solution that suits him);
  3. The salesperson uses untrue or exaggerated sales arguments, which contributes to the prospect having a disappointment along the sales funnel and taking longer to make their decision.

A skilled salesperson is unlikely to make any of these slips, especially since he knows the business process like the back of his hand. Thus, the purchase journey initiated by him tends to be shorter and more assertive.

4. More satisfied employers (and customers) 

Finally, it is important to highlight that a specialized salesperson knows exactly how to generate value for the customer , whether through good sales arguments, or through a humanized and personalized service, or through the agility of service.

And that’s what makes employers and business managers happy. Having a team of salespeople alert to customer needs and the best ways to enhance a shopping experience is the dream of every entrepreneur or industry leader.

How to specialize in sales?

Now that you know how an expert salesperson can differentiate themselves from the rest, it’s time to get down to business! After all, how to specialize in sales? We have separated 5 tips to help you.

1. Understand the commercial sector

The first step in understanding how to specialize in sales is to dissect the science of sales , that is, to understand the commercial sector in depth.

Therefore, before even entering the profession, study the sector. This can be done in different ways:

  • benchmarking with successful companies and vendors;
  • reading reports and commercial reports of large companies or businesses in your sector of interest;
  • research on trends and business models with differentiated and inspiring sales approaches.

2. Open your mind to always learn

Another differential of a sales specialist is an open mind to always learn. The commercial sector is constantly changing. It is influenced by many factors, such as legislative changes, technological advances, market scenarios, crises, etc.

Keeping a willingness to adapt your approach and working method to these conditions is one way to become an increasingly skilled sales specialist.

3. Consume industry-related content

Keeping an open mind is also about consuming relevant content every time! Therefore, to understand how to specialize in sales, it is necessary to add habits such as:

  • reading blogs about the industry;
  • daily update on the main news outlets in the country and around the world;

Tip: Podcasts and alternative content formats can help keep your information consumption frequently even in the middle of a busy routine! See an example below:

4. Develop strategic soft skills

It’s not enough to just worry about technical knowledge. Successful salespeople know the importance of developing strategic soft skills.

To become a sales expert, the path is similar. In addition to knowing the market and mastering the operationalization of the sales process, it is necessary to bet on key characteristics to sell more and better.

Some of them are:

  1. waist game;
  2. oratory;
  3. ability to improvise;
  4. organization;
  5. critical sense;
  6. emotional intelligence;
  7. empathy.
  8. Search for the best training on the market

Last but not least is training. Even if you follow all of the above steps, if you are looking to understand how to specialize in sales, you need to consider good training courses.

This is the opportunity to learn and exchange with true masters in sales, attentive to market trends and techniques that have already been tested, approved and consolidated over the years.

Fortunately, taking courses and training has become easier with the help of technology. Currently, it is possible to study from a distance, consuming content on mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

What’s up? How about starting to become a sales expert right now?

Bonus: Start specializing in sales right now! 

Do you want to understand, in practice, how to specialize in sales? So how about taking the first step with the help of the Sales Specialization Institute?

With the mission to transform the world through sales, we reframe the idea that people become salespeople only because they have the famous “knack”, or because they have not found another job option.


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