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Expansion of sales and profits is something every salesperson and manager wants. Knowing how to win new customers is beneficial for your company and makes it easier to plan strategies aimed at this result. In this way, it is possible to have short and long term income, in addition to exponentially increasing your annual revenue.

The secret of a growing company is, in addition to engaging customers who are already loyal, to have constant prospecting strategies.

In this way, some companies may end up settling in with their current customer base and purchase flow, even with some growth in company results.

In this article, we explain several ways you can differentiate yourself from that and how to gain new customers can increase your business revenue.

What is company billing?

Billing corresponds to the sum of sales of services and products of a business in a given period. That is, all the money accounted for as earned in the company.

However, this is consistent with gross sales, which is the simple sum of all earnings. So, if the company sold 10 products that, together, result in 20 thousand reais, it does not mean that this is the company’s real profit.

That’s because net income is the most valid concept when it comes to earnings. It is the calculation of all the company’s profits in a period, counting discounts from the payments of all fixed and variable expenses. After that, it is possible to understand the concrete yield.

Another concept that should be clarified is that of revenue. It corresponds to a calculation that considers the money that is effectively available in the company, for example, taking into account installment payments.

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How to increase your business revenue?

There are many actions a company can take to increase revenue. For complete and stable growth, it is important to understand that several areas must be strengthened.

It is necessary, first of all, to have a financial organization. Many companies go bankrupt for lack of economic planning. E. The more a business grows, the easier it is to lose control of the financial sector if there is no order.

In addition to the tips on how to gain new customers that we will be discussing, you need to consider other points in order to increase your business earnings:

  • Always pay attention to market trends and competitors;
  • Know how to price your services and products;
  • Train and qualify employees .

Do you see how there are several points to be worked on? The good news is that gaining new customers is already a big step forward when you want to increase your revenue.

What is prospecting?

Simply put, prospecting means looking for and qualifying your potential customer. Here, we must consider it as a very important step to increase your revenue.

But this also encompasses the process of defining, searching and approaching the most suitable audience for your company. By finding the right buyer profile, called the ideal prospect, the sale is more likely to happen.

Not every prospect who shows an interest in your business will, in fact, become a customer. Hence the importance of finding your ideal profile. Thus, Your efforts are directed to results and prospecting is effective.

The more buyers, the more sales

In general, when thinking about higher revenue, this is the first advantage considered. The more customers with the ideal profile, the more you sell in the short and long term. Constant and planned prospecting helps this to materialize.

By itself, it’s a great thing for companies, right? But there are other considerations that confirm how winning new customers is beneficial in several respects.

First, new prospects can become loyal by having a good experience with your business. When achieving buyer satisfaction, the best way to increase your long-term revenue is to apply loyalty techniques. Some popular ones are:

  • Loyalty programs: it ‘s a great way to engage people in your business and encourage more purchases;
  • Purchase volume discounts: studies even prove that people buy more when there is a discount applied to larger amounts;
  • Sales of other products: should be applied when the customer is able to be interested in other complementary services you have to offer. In addition, it may be advantageous to expand your range of articles and services to meet greater customer demand.

Benefits of winning new customers: business expansion

Among the other lucrative advantages of getting new customers, the first one we will highlight is the popularization of your company .

Waiting for new prospects to find your company is risky, even more so depending on the industry. Thus, applying prospecting strategies already ensures that you always maintain your space in the market and do not have a sudden drop in earnings in case of a crisis. 

Also, the larger your customer base, the more popular your business is. Not only for the greater number of buyers who access your business, but for the brand reference that this expansion creates.

The truth is that those who buy and like, indicate. So, capturing a new customer with the ideal profile leads to the possible indication of your products and services to more people.

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Increase in average ticket

Average ticket is a performance indicator. By gaining new prospects, you can expand it too.

It provides the average purchase value per customer. It is also possible to adapt this calculation to other areas of the company. To calculate it, just divide the total for a period by the number of sales.

So, having more active customers can help increase the average ticket value . However, there are other ways that the expanded buyer portfolio has the potential to boost your earnings.

One is to offer a product kit. Bearing in mind that your customer had no contact with your business before, he has the ideal profile for you to offer other solutions and complementary products.

Also, pricing similarly is another common strategy among large companies. It’s something that makes the average ticket grow a lot and is more feasible to be done when you reap the rewards of knowing how to win new customers.

A company famous for using this method is Mc Donalds. For example, in some cases, the price difference between the large and the average French fries is only 50 cents or 1 dollar. But not because the biggest one is cheaper. The average portion price is already thought to make the others seem more advantageous.

This is a technique that usually attracts new buyers and is more applicable to businesses with large prospect portfolios.

Mapping of new markets

By knowing how to gain new customers, you can expand your name in the market, as we approach. This gives you the possibility to grow your service in more than one area.

The greater number of clients allows you to enter your business in other previously unexplored branches.

For example, you know when you are looking for a certain product, go through several stores and believe that one of them apparently has what you are looking for, but that store ends up not offering the merchandise, even if it makes sense for the type of solution it already has. market?

The customer enters determined to buy and finds that the business is not selling the product. Realize the wasted potential? The sale you lost? This could happen to your company.

New buyers are the perfect opportunity to open up the horizons your company can explore. This does not mean that you should provide elaborate articles, but other small improvements that even help to retain your customer.

In this way, your revenue grows even more.

How to win new customers

Attracting new buyers to a business requires some strategies and studies. A survey by sales strategist Marc Wayshak showed that more than half of salespeople do not contact enough prospects.

Thus, whether from person to person, over the phone or by digital means, all sales processes can be optimized to attract the greatest number of customers.

A very popular capture technique is the sales funnel . It represents the steps that a potential prospect goes through, from the first contact with the company to closing the sale. It can be applied to different sales methods, if adapted, so it is very useful.

the sales funnel

Image Credits: Fleeg

Briefly, this funnel is intended to guide the ideal customer to purchase. It can be adapted to the phases of other businesses, but it is divided from the concept of three stages:

  • Funnel top: Here, people are beginning to be aware of their problems and what solutions your company and services can provide. The first three steps of the illustrated funnel correspond to the top;
  • Half a funnel: They then go through an awareness process that leads them to consider the need for what you have to offer. We can identify which technical visit, delivery of the commercial proposal and final negotiations are part of this stage;
  • Funnel Bottom: Finally, he is aware and decides that the best solution is to close the purchase. This phase corresponds to the last step of the funnel that we present.

This is one of the strategies that can help your company grow. It must be borne in mind that increasing revenue depends on joint efforts, as we have already discussed, and also on loyalty.

In addition to winning new customers, a way to have constant growth in all areas is to value customer satisfaction and relationship. So always offer the best, not just your products and services.



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