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Increasing the volume of new customers in the company is the dream of many managers, isn’t it?

while driving them away from the competition is a real battle. But there is a key investment that is capable of ensuring the best results for your team: prospecting training .

For Aaron Ross, author of the famous book Predictable Revenue, attracting and generating qualified prospects is what makes a company grow permanently. And he proves it.

This philosophy led the American software company, Salesforce, to go from a revenue of 5 to 100 million dollars.

However, this is not an easy task, as this step is the nightmare of many commercial teams.

, carried out by the Ramper platform, concluded that 74% of companies have difficulty in prospecting new businesses.

How not to be part of this statistic? Knowing how to have accurate, organized and highly effective lead generation. These are just some of the skills that prospecting training provides.

So, let’s analyze how and why developing your team in this area allows you to achieve a higher prospecting rate and expand your sales number!

Advantages of Prospecting Training

You find the gold mine of customers. 

The word prospect comes from the Latin prospectio, research, and is used in geology to define the process of locating valuable minerals.

Geologists read the map, explore the terrain, do analysis, and then decide how to drill into the ground. All this in order to extract the greatest and best amount of precious stones.

How does this relate to sales?

The gold at the end of your journey is the best customer opportunities for your company. In order to get to them, your process needs to be well structured, or the most you will find are worthless shiny stones.

And that’s why your team needs to master the best strategies.

By knowing how, where and with what techniques your best customers are captured, your prospecting rate takes a giant and permanent leap. Being able to prospect strategically and profitably enables continued growth.

That’s because, no matter how much experience or “knack” your salesperson has, without proven techniques and an organized process, the best leads escape your company very easily.

Prospecting is a process that needs to be accurate to provide the best results. 

So, if you extract the best that the prospecting step has to offer, the rest of your “mining” happens with less effort and more success. In the end, you collect the results: growth in customer base, greater stability and increased profits.

A salesperson, by applying all that prospecting training has to offer, does not go out digging in the dark, but has a strategic process for finding his company’s gold.

Grows keeping your customers

If your company captures new prospects, but they disappear after a while, it’s likely that your lead capture isn’t optimized. And that’s a key point that prospecting training fixes.

It’s no wonder that Aaron Ross emphasizes, both in his book and in his lectures, that good lead capture is the initial push for the permanent growth of companies. 

If you’re not doing it right, the signs are clear: inactive customers after their first purchase, and that’s if they reach the end of the sales process.

Therefore, without a structured prospecting process, the right prospects are not captured . This is one of the main reasons that lead customers not to close the purchase: not being the ideal type of your company.

In addition to being able to optimize prospecting to retain the greatest number of customers, prospecting training teaches you to use the main indicators for your success.

That’s because, in the rush to sell, any curiosity about a lead looks like buying interest. And, in the absence of results, any drop looks like an ocean. But you can have more and always sell the most.

Prospecting training enables the sales team to see real opportunities based on characteristics that fit your company. Only then do they focus their prospecting efforts on these customers and have results.

Create a simple process that converts more

One of the reasons that prospecting is the monster in many people’s closets is the idea that it’s a complicated, tiring process that doesn’t yield much. With a well-trained team, you will see that the opposite is actually the case.

By applying customer acquisition techniques that work for your company, salespeople master this step, not the other way around. That way, you get some immediate results, which are process simplification and conversion improvement.

Prospecting must be one of the most productive processes in your company, which is why your salespeople only gain advantages with prospecting training. Let’s think about these scenarios:

Your salesperson spends hours contacting a long list of prospects, digging through systems and looking up phone numbers, and then still has to sort out the category of those prospects.

Then he calls those customers to find out that, in fact, the few characteristics they have in common with your company are not enough to make him a customer of your company. In the end, it turns out that your business doesn’t solve that customer’s pain.

Without success, the process starts over.

Thinking about these situations, it’s easy to understand why salespeople get so tired of the prospecting process. But your team may be beyond.

By adhering to prospecting training, they can learn to cut to the chase, and better: attract the ideal customers, who increase their prospecting rate and actually close the purchase. 

Forms high performance salespeople

We have to agree, the seller’s time is expensive . When it comes to capturing customers, this is even clearer. Without an efficient process, results are few and of poor quality.

So, if you think that to increase your prospecting rate you should hire more salespeople, know not to. 

For Aaron Ross, for example, it doesn’t matter the size of his sales team, but the quantity and quality of customers they capture.

Thus, prospecting training is the right fuel to boost all the skills your team has at this stage. Not only to increase the number of new customers, but their quality (in relation to the possibility of purchase) and the time this process takes.

Improving the way your salespeople prospect is the way to do this . After all, when looking only for the best for your company, in the right places and with the most effective tactics, your prospecting rate grows.

Business Brief Business Magazine found that each year you lose 14% of your customers. This with a well-structured prospecting. Imagine the damage your results will have if your prospects are not the best.

Therefore, prospect well and prospect always! To know how to do this, prospecting training is the complete and lasting solution.

Manages to establish anti-crisis prospecting and focusing on expansion

Developing customer acquisition skills is also a process that opens up new horizons for companies. That’s because know how to guide your team to explore new places and ways to prospect.

Having only one source of prospects is a thing of the past. Today, most companies know that to get the best results, prospecting in multiple places is more than necessary. 

However, doing this without a plan carries a very high risk of wasting your team’s time and efforts.

One of the ways in which prospecting training can grow your results is by showing you exactly where and how to focus your efforts. 

Thus, we know that some sources of new customers end up and, in this situation, companies despair and start to explore any prospect that appears. Well-trained and up-to-date staff don’t have to worry about that.

And there is another fundamental point: quality prospecting training prepares your salespeople to achieve the best results even in times of crisis. 

The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated a lot how quickly adapting to market changes decides which businesses survive and which fail – or have their results shaken.

As important as being able to adapt to online sales is knowing how to expand prospecting by other means even in the midst of a crisis . There are businesses that achieved this because they had a team prepared to look at the market with different eyes.

With the right strategies and direction, you are sure that your prospects will generate  .

Prospects from new technologies and tools

Being informed about how to use technology to prospect is the biggest differentiator for many sales professionals today. Therefore, the best prospecting trainings also rely on these lessons.

The market is evolving and so is sales technology. Today, it is possible to sell on almost all social networks, in addition to the internet itself.

So if your salespeople don’t know exactly how to prospect in these ways, you’ll not only lose customers, but you’ll be left behind in the market .

That’s because prospecting through social networks is not just about finding the people who best suit your business from common contacts, for example. But knowing how to communicate with them.

As this trend is still somewhat unexplored terrain, despite its growth, most sales professionals are at a loss on how to prospect in these media.

However, top sales references know exactly how to capture the best leads online, and that’s one of the unique lessons that prospecting trainings have to offer.

So, if when talking about prospecting technologies you think of an automated email list or a call recording service, it’s time to review these concepts.

There is a whole world of new customer acquisition technologies that can be used in your company.

By adhering to a good prospecting training, you already guarantee the right tools to use in your business, and better: the clear teaching of how to use them.

How to do prospecting training 

Investing in developing the skills of the sales team, in addition to leveraging the company’s results, also generates quite a change in the manager’s routine.

So, as prospecting is one of the first steps in the sales funnel, its success determines the results at the end of the sales cycle. If not done well, all efforts are wasted and the losses are enormous.

This affects the manager too. If your team can’t prospect, you may have to interrupt your tasks, analyze the possibilities for change, and worse: review all the team’s strategies if the results don’t improve.

However, when promoting prospecting training, you are sure of your team’s processes and the end result: more sales for your company and optimized techniques for the entire team.

No wonder that investing in improving prospects is one of the first initiatives that companies take when they want to leverage their results once and for all.

To prove this, the Ramper platform conducted a survey. In it, they made certain companies optimize their prospects by email by 16%, taking care not to be tiresome.

In the end, the rate of return on prospecting grew by around 50% in the same period analyzed, rising from 11% to 16% on average.

This is one type of result that prospecting training provides your company.

Thus, when you hire the best training, you have a combo: the necessary tools, the right language, how to improve your process and a differential: mentors who guide your team step by step in learning.


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